• Organisational development

Organisational development projects start with an analysis of the market, legislative, cultural and institutional context for the customer organisation. This does not have to be complex and detailed, but it does need to be factored in. An organisation that is aligned with these factors has a significant competitive advantage over similar organisations which have not incorporated these features into their strategic planning. Acknowledging these aspects influences choice of organisational governance structure, accurate targeting of labour markets to support product delivery, development of appropriate job families and organisational competencies. These structures inform recruitment, human resources development, performance and reward systems and disciplinary systems. Effectively conducting such an analysis requires multiple areas of expertise and a capacity to draw on expert networks. As an experienced consultant with qualifications in psychology, business and economics,  I can bring both a diversity of expertise as well as access to expert networks.

  • Executive coaching

The executive team is the pivot for an organisation’s success.  As mentioned in other areas, I have experience of working with executives and senior management on over sixty organisational change projects. My approach is simple – I meet with the senior management team as a group and as individuals, working intensively with each team member to make sure the team develops consistently and as rapidly as possible.

  • Performance management systems

Performance management systems include daily, weekly and annual conversations. I coach leaders in how to build relationships, which are the basis for performance oriented conversations with their direct reports, colleagues and supervisors. Education in relationship development is twined with knowledge acquisition around effective documentation and performance data analysis techniques.

  • Prevention of bullying and occupational stress

Many countries now have specific legislation relating to psychological safety of employees at work. This can include and is not limited to prevention of workplace bullying and occupational stress.  My experience includes the development of workplace policies, educational briefings about relevant case law decisions, coaching around effective leadership styles to prevent downward and upward bullying, as well as reducing the risk of occupational stress claims. Using a combination of workplace culture surveys, restoration of relationships between managers and employees and designing new communication systems, I have been able to achieve a reduction of between 60% to 98% of new workers compensation claims. This represents a considerable saving to my customer organisations.

  • Consultant contact details

Dr Martha Knox‐Haly (BA Hons, MA Hons, MBA PhD)

61 + 04503 49971

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