Publications and current research projects

Workplace Stress vs Outcomes: Cases in the NSW Public Service

Total University Press
November 2012

Workplace Stress vs Outcomes: Cases in the NSW Public Service examines four case studies in the Australian Public Service in the State of New South Wales (NSW)—Australia’s largest state.
Throughout this book, occupational stress is discussed as a response to poor job design and adverse organizational characteristics. Case studies focus on NSW Police, NSW Department of Education and Training, NSW Department of Health and NSW Department of Community Services.


How to Stop Your Workplace Going Pearshaped

Total University Press
September 12, 2008

This is a practical text addressing problems of recruitment and selection, prevention of bullying, management of mental illness in the workplace, providing performance feedback and the establishment of high performance work systems.


The Industrial Relations of Immigrant Employment

Australian Government Publishing Service

April 5, 1993


Preventing Bullying At Work

Australian Psychological Society

April 2008

This article lists steps that managers can take in providing a workplace where bullying is reduced. The suggestions can be followed by managers at any level of the organization.


Neoliberalism and Child Protection: A Deadly Mix

Labor History

May 5, 2010

Labor history is an A ranked journal, and this article provides an organisational history of child protection in NSW. It examines the effects of mandatory reporting and growing social inequity of levels of child protection notifications.

A Review of Contemporary Research on the Relationship Between Occupational Stress and Social Support: Where Are We Now?

Australian New Zealand Journal of Organisational Psychology

January 4, 2009

This paper reviews the calibre of research design associated with over sixty studies of occupational social support in the workplace, and concludes that there is consistent moderately positive evidence that social support offsets occupational stress. Leadership and supervisory support seems to be particularly important.

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