Executive leadership

Every executive wants a resilient, positive and adaptive executive team, and my personal goal is to continue working with CEOs and Organisational Boards to help create such teams. These types of executive teams are the foundation stone for vibrant, engaged workplace cultures. My specialisation is developing confident, cohesive executive teams, whose leaders have a strategic capacity to respond to emergent changes, whilst possessing the interpersonal skills to build performance relationships on a daily basis as the basis for strong organisational cultures. This also includes the flipside — which is around reducing human resources risk. As such, I particularly support executives in achieving a reduction in workers compensation claims and preventing occupational bullying in their workplaces. My knowledge and skills in this area are based on experience gleaned from supporting executives in managing over sixty organisational development and workplace change projects.

My coaching approach starts with a strategic assessment of the client organisation and I then work with each member of the executive team in group and individual sessions at their workplace. The organisational consultancy is also informed by my doctoral research and last two books. The most recent book is entitled Workplace Stress versus Outcomes, and examines the systemic contribution of economic policies to occupational stress claims in public sector workplaces. It it being published through Total University Press, and can be purchased through Shearers online. The second most recent book is called ‘how to stop your workplace going pearshaped’, and provides practical guidance on prevention of bullying, performance management, management of mental health and occupational stress. This book can also be purchased through Shearers online. My personal goals as an organisational researcher are to continue to doing case study research on exemplary organisations across different cultural contexts.

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