Dr Martha Knox‐Haly

BA (Hons), MA (Psychology Hons), MBA, PhD

Principal: MKA Risk Mitigation

Dr Martha Knox‐Haly (BA Hons., MA Hons., MBA, PhD) has worked with executives and senior managers on over sixty organisational change programs. These programs have been conducted in the not for profit sector, public sector, construction, transport and insurance industries. The scope of projects ranged from organisational cultural and structural change, business realignment, executive recruitment and coaching, policy development, organisational competency frameworks and performance management systems.

Dr Knox‐Haly has extensive experience in managing, assessing and understanding the relationships between psychological health, workplace management systems and human resources risk mitigation. Her particular areas of specialisation are promotion of positive workplaces through prevention occupational stress, implementation of performance management systems and human resources risk mitigation. In addition to her consulting experience, Dr Knox‐Haly has authored three books on human resources risk mitigation and industrial relations. She continues to be involved with several international research projects on different forms of organisational governance and human resources risk mitigation.

Prior to registration as an organisational psychologist in 1995, Dr Knox‐ Haly was employed as a Senior Researcher for the Workplace Research Centre (WRC), and continues to hold a research affiliate’s position with the WRC, and is part of the Health and Workplace Researchers network at the University of Sydney. Dr Knox‐Haly is a fully registered organisational psychologist, and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society,  International Society for Coaching Psychology  and European Work and Organisational Psychology Society.


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