MKA Risk Mitigation

Dr Martha Knox‐Haly

BA (Hons), MA (Psychology Hons), MBA, PhD

Principal: MKA Risk Mitigation

I work with executives at both an individual level (through coaching) and organisational level (through research and organisational development). As well as helping executives stay intact, optimistic, healthy and inspired, my coaching often includes developing strategies to help executives successfully chart and navigate through multiple processes associated with business planning, antidiscrimination, workers compensation, safety and HR in Australian workplaces.

My expertise comes from two sources — firstly there is my local experience of  investigating close to a thousand Australian workplaces and collaborating with managers on over thirty‐five organisational projects in public sector, private sector, services, manufacturing and technology industries. Then there is my international expertise which comes from visiting and researching outstanding organisations in Australia, Europe and South East Asia each year.

Examples of my organisational development research includes:

  • Workplace resilience projects and program evaluations.
  • Development of global safety culture templates.
  • Literature and evaluation reviews of  current recruitment and selection practices.
  • Human factor and workplace culture surveys and focus groups for workplace layouts.
  • Workers compensation claims prevention and reduction programs.
  • Workplace evaluation surveys projects to develop workforce morale and create respectful workplaces.


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